An hour’s walk on the outward journey, to be repeated on the way back if you are not lucky enough to find a ride on wheels, drive or towed by animal force.

This is the time normally used by the inhabitants of Sikilo, a community in the Kaffrine region, to reach the capital of the same name and to be able to recharge their mobile phones.

Sikilo is located 6km from Kaffrine, from this distance derives the name of the community (literally, “Six kilomètres”), most of the workers of the community spends a good part of the day in town for job reasons; the luckiest ones in nearby Kaffrine, otherwise: Kaolack, Mbour or Dakar.

We accepted the challenge: the goal was to allow free and green access to the recharge of mobile telecommunication devices”


Such distance between people and their loved ones requires the use of telecommunications and can find some obstacles on its way, one above all: access to electricity.

Recharging mobile systems is a constant problem in rural communities, so much that most of them are urged to request us to intervene in this field on several occasions.

We accepted the challenge, with the aim of allowing green and free access to recharge of mobile telecommunication devices

From this experience the “Mobile Charger”, multiple solar charging station for mobile phones, was born. This station allows the charging of two devices in parallel, for a total of eight total recharges per day *, in a completely autonomous and green way.


“A small gesture for us, two hours of daily life for Sikilo”


The workstations are installed in public and accessible spots around the communities, so that they can be freely used and controlled.

Thanks to systems such as the Mobile Charger we have made it possible to enable energy access to the telecommunications service: a small gesture for us, two hours of daily life for Sikilo.


* number of top-ups referring to the latest generation smartphones, less “energy-efficient” phones allow a greater number of top-ups during the day.

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