Through an open-source approach, training, knowledge-sharing and social business Liter Of Light wants to generate a systemic impact on enlightened communities. Indeed, ensuring access to energy means influencing multiple aspects of people’s daily lives: from their safety when traveling, to the quality of their time during the evening, to work inclusion, and to achieving economic independence. All this is possible only by planning each intervention together with the communities involved.

Many companies already believe in our mission and values.

Find out what we have done with some of our partners:

In the beginning of 2020, we were guests of the Solarplay company…
With Enel S.p.a. we developed a knowledge transfer project that involved schools in seven countries and three continents around the world, bringing lighting to 12,400 people.
With Salesforce employees we co-designed interventions in the African continent, bringing corporate volunteers to take part in our projects in Senegal, Kenya and Namibia.