Illumina Un Sorriso 2019

Illumina un sorriso 2019


385,6 Kg CO2

The Project

“ILLUMINA UN SORRISO” is the first CSR cycle crowning a lasting commitment between the company “Solarplay” and “Liter Of Light Italia”.

In this context, Solarplay has undertaken to donate part of the incomes deriving from the closure of each contract to finance the energy access of six off-grid communities in Senegal implemented by Liter Of Light Italia.

During the whole 2019, “Illumina Un Sorriso” saw the donation on a monthly basis meant for the maintenance of the the project in Senegal: funds which therefore went to cover logistics, material and wage costs of the activities who have not seen any member of Liter Of Light Italia expatriate, but the exclusive use of Senegalese labor.

The project was based on the city of Kaffrine, where the lamps were gradually built and then delivered to the beneficiaries in the rural communities by our technicians.

The communities concerned are: Boubname, Sotto, Djida, Diamaguene, Sikilo and Kaffrine itself.

A monthly check ensures the correct functioning of the lamps and, if necessary, repairs to the damaged devices are carried out on site.

The total number of lamps built during the “ILLUMINA UN SORRISO – 2019” project is 243 units, for a total of more than 290 kg / CO2 avoided each year.

The total number of individuals who benefited from this intervention is 2500 people.

The great difference between this and other projects lies in the trust and determination to prefer a closer and continuous relationship with a long-term project over committing on a single large-scale intervention but limited in time, , in order to create durable business opportunities. and local resilience.

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