Ngueme – Poste de Santè

Fondazione AEM – Gruppo a2a.

Mobile Charger

n.1 Vaccine Fridge
n.1 Sterilizer
1500 W 24V
Photovoltaic System

The Project

As part of the “Energy for Emergencies” campaign, the Poste de Santè in Ngueme is the second rural clinic that has been provided with energy by Liter Of Light Italia in Senegal.

A.E.M. Foundation – a2a Group, historical partner of the project, was the first to embrace the campaign by taking the field again alongside Liter Of Light Italia in supporting of the Senegalese health personnel, as previously done in support of the national health system, during the covid emergency.

La Case de Santè and the Poste de Santè are the first service center for the rural communities; these facilities are often off-grid or partially connected to the national electricity supply, which exposes them to frequent power cuts, very harmful, for example, in case of storing vaccines and medicines in the refrigerators.

Together with Energy for Human Rights ONLUS and Solar Energy Africa, Liter Of Light Italia has been able to operate successfully even in a period of great limitations due to the COVID pandemic, collecting the feedback from the managers of rural facilities to develop the Energy Kit according to their specific needs.

The conservation of vaccines, the sterilization of medical instruments, lighting, ventilation of waiting rooms and the possibility of recharging mobile phones for healthcare personnel were the needs identified by the Poste de Santè.

The 1.5kW Energy Kit of photovoltaic solar energy allows Case de Santè and Poste de Santè to be energy independent, with sustainable, free and safe electricity. Voltage drops or frequent “cuts” on the traditional infrastructural line often affect the work of the sanitary ware, making the equipment and lighting inoperative.

The intervention took place in the Poste de Santè in Ngueme, in the health district of Thiadiaye in the Thies region, which is the landmark for other 4 Case de Santè included in the “Energy for Emergencies” campaign.

The facility welcomes an average of 80 patients per day, 30 of which are pregnant women for check-ups, and operates monthly an average of 100 vaccinations on children.

In a critical time in which local medical assistance has proved to be essential for responding adequately to the needs of people, Liter Of Light Italia, with its local partners, reinforces the implementation of infrastructures, with a vision of environmental sustainability. The movement aims to make its contribution to improve the working conditions of health personnel by keeping energy access at the center of its project and its vision of a sustainable future.

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