Since 1956, the ADI (Industrial Design Association) has brought together designers, companies, journalists, critics, researchers and teachers around the themes of design: design, consumption, recycling, training.

Two years later ADI established the “Compasso D’Oro” award, the first recognition in Europe for the Design sector. From then on, the award acquires ever-increasing prestige up to the present day, where it represents an institution for the recognition of applied talent and creativity.

The 2017 edition of the award saw the nomination of nearly 800 projects, but only 204 of them were selected by the ADI Permanent Design Observatory. Among the proposals admitted to the prize, the solution shown by Liter Of Light Italia has been included in the category “Design for social”.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Architect Simone Gori, the simple, recyclable and replicable structure of the Liter Of Light solar lamps has managed to reduce to the essential an instrument that, in some areas of the world, from inaccessible becomes an everyday object to those who benefit from it

We are clearly referring to the social implication that the initiatives and technologies of Liter Of Light bring in the contexts of energy poverty and rurality.

Lorenzo Enrico Nicola Giorgi (Executive Director Liter Of Light Italia) and Simone Gori (Designer)

These characteristics, combined with the open-source nature, the repairability and efficiency of the lamps, were decisive for accessing the “Compasso D’Oro” Award, having in 2018 the privilege of the “Honorable Mention” by the ADI’s Standing Committee of Observation and to enter into the “Historical Collection of the ADI Compasso d’Oro Award”.

The result obtained, with the super- low technological contribution required by the Liter Of Light lamps, underlines how simple inventions can generate a large-scale impact.

The difficulties generate creativity, and sometimes suggest game-changing solutions; from the favelas of Rio De Janeiro to more than 20 countries, the Liter Of Light solution passes through Italian Design to return, enriched, to the south of the world and to rural life, with the purpose of giving light to the darkest corners of the World. Step by step.

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