When we started to work with university classrooms about our projects at the end of 2018, we did so with the Polytechnic of Turin, on the occasion of the PoliTo Design Workshop, an academic week in which students of different courses can choose to participate in thematic workshops of their interest.

In the workshop led by us, we talked about the different impacts that our projects can generate locally and how a systemic vision is essential for working in development cooperation. We shared our projects and our work processes with the students and received in exchange a lot of interest and motivation to deepen the topics and above all to move from theory to practice.

“We gave the students a challenge: how to communicate a social business in a rural African area?”

Shortly thereafter, we would have gone to Senegal to conclude a project with the Solarplay company, which would also have funded an international trip for the group of students who have best achieved the assigned task.

The students set to work immediately: at the end of the week, the challenge was won by the group made up of Simone, Luca and Andrea who would soon leave for a completely new adventure.

“The beauty of working with young students in a stimulating place like the University has once again been putting different worlds in communication.”

Sharing our work was an opportunity to inspire and be inspired, putting our projects at the center and thanks to them reaching the most rural and remote areas of the world, starting from a university classroom at the Politecnico di Torino.

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