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With Enel Spa we have brought technological knowledge and sustainable lighting to 2875 families

After working with us in South Africa, Enel Spa has chosen to include Liter of Light in its “Play Energy” educational program; together we worked in 7 countries around the world setting up capacity building workshops in the schools selected by the program, creating 2875 Solar Lanterns. The students who made these lamps had the opportunity to take them to their home in the off-grid communities where they live. The aim of the project was to train young students participating to the Play Energy program and to create safe and non-polluting lighting systems in order to decrease the use and environmental impact of kerosene lanterns.

“A network of more than 3000 people in rural areas of 7 countries around the world”

Thanks to the Play Energy program we have managed to involve schools in Brazil, Romania, Italy, Chile, Peru, South Africa and Argentina. Enel Spa has identified the sharing of technological knowledge as the engine of energy production change in many rural areas of the world. Liter of Light was chosen precisely because it develops exclusively open source technologies with the aim of sharing knowledge with as many people as possible in the world.

“Students, professors, engineers, Enel employees and managers from all over the world collaborated in this project”

Enel Spa has chosen to combine innovation with development with a strong presence of its employees within the projects, a choice desired by the Sustainability office of the company based in Rome. Joining the local Corporate Social Volunteering to increase engagement in the communities, to take advantage of the high professionalism of its employees and above all to decrease the international movements of professional Liter Of Light technicians, so as to have a lesser impact on the environment.

““A project made with locally available materials and
a low environmental impact”

The environmental impact was therefore minimal and made it possible to create 3045 Solar Lanterns in total, of which 375 in Chile, 450 in Brazil, 650 in Argentina, 500 in Italy, 300 in Romania; 250 in Peru and 350 in South Africa. During the project 2875 students were trained and thanks to this work 2875 families had access to sustainable and solar light in their homes, instead of polluting and dangerous kerosene lanterns.

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