Louba Senegal

Lightforce 2020

Mobile Charger
Rural Clinic

176 Kg CO2

The project

The Lightforce project becomes more and more a consolidated reality and in 2019 the association “Lightforce” was founded in Paris.

“Lightforce 2020” saw Giorgio Giorgi (Liter Of Light Italia) as Project Manager and Ramiro Angeli (Liter Of Light Argentina) as Technical Manager within the usual project’s expedition of the NGO Lightforce, Salesforce employees and their partners .

During one week of work in the Kaffrine region (Senegal), as a result of the co-design between Lightforce and Liter Of Light Italia, the team coordinated the creation of n.55 StreetLightand n. 6 Mobile Charger for the off-grid community of Louba, in addition to providing a solar system for the rural clinic of the nearby village of Ndiao Bambali.

The intervention thus allowed, with the cooperation of the community, to provide public lighting grid and chargers for mobile communication devices; improved security and communications the whole community.

The intervention on the Ndiao Bambali clinic, which was the goal the project had previously set during the year before’s expedition, will allow the continuous and safe functioning of a refrigerator for the storage of drugs and vaccines, in addition to a performing sterilizer , fundamental during the terapie’s management phases.

Although far from the regional capital Kaffrine, the clinic is a cardinal point for the entire Bao Bolong Valley as well for cross-border workers from Gambia and compatriots from Casamance .

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