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The project

With the support of Efficienza Energia SRL and Cantine Fiorentino, Liter Of Light Italia designed and completed the international SENEGAL 2016 project, between February 23rd 2016 and May 13th 2015.

The project was carried out with the logistical and technical support of the Italian associations “Energia peri I Diritti Umani” and “One Love Onlus”; the project was based on the installation of public lighting, aimed at supporting education and culture, paying particular attention to the lighting of the schools managed by the two associations.

Each installation had as its operational base the schools built by ” Energia peri i Diritti Umani ” and then to illuminate the key points of each community.

The project led to the installation of 100 StreetLights for public lighting in the communities of: Sossop, Ndianendiane, Tataguine and Bandoulou.

The creation of the electronic circuits was carried out in two phases: the first during the meetings with the students of the Scientific Linguistic Institute “Giordano Bruno” of Cassano d’Adda.

The assembly of the “StreetLights” was carried out in collaboration with the students of the community; during the project, two collaborators of the associations were trained as to be able to repair and recreate the technology used.

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