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On July 12th, 2015 the first collaboration between Liter Of Light Italia and ENEL SPA was staged, on the occasion of WE ARE ENERGY 2015.

WE ARE ENERGY is a project where more than 5,000 children of ENEL employees challenge each other with shots of videos, images and creative works, always facing different themes from year to year.

The theme for WE ARE ENERGY 2015 was food, the main theme of EXPO MILANO 2015.
The 120 winners, from 23 different countries, took part in a campus immersed in the green of Umbria Region: two weeks of creative energy, where the kids were able to study and have fun.

Liter Of Light Italia has always dealt with the topic of renewable energy offering two workshops.

The first workshop involved younger children (7/11 years old) struggling with the decoration of recycled PET bottles.
The boys had the opportunity to give free rein to their imagination, decorating the bottles that would later make up the solar lamps with brush strokes and color.

The second workshop put older kids (12/16) in front of electronic circuits.
With the support of the technicians of Liter Of Light Italia, the boys had the opportunity to learn about the operation of basic solar technology and to build the circuits of their solar lamps with their own hands.

At the end of the activities, all the children had a solar lamp as a gift that could illuminate the parties of the following evenings.

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