Together with Solarplay to support social business in Senegal for a long-term partnership

The journey with Solarpaly begins in Senegal at the end of 2017, precisely in the village of Mouille, more than four hours from Dakar in the rural Kaffrine region. In the winter of three years ago, the photovoltaic company based in the province of Monza-Brianza, after learning about our project, decided to embark on a relationship that is still ongoing, thanks to a first installation of 150 portable solar lamps, built with the village community and with the help of International Civil Service volunteers of our local partner in Senegal, the NGO “COMI – Cooperation for the World in Development”.

“The formation of a local micro-team made up of five young Senegalese people”

The project, in addition to increasing the public safety during evening movements and allowing domestic activities even after sunset, has resulted into the training of five young Senegalese on the construction, installation and maintenance of solar lightboxes. Investing in local training on sustainable lighting, thanks to Solarplay, has been fundamental to give continuity to the project even after the first installation and to walk a path that has now been almost three years long.

“The desire to give continuity to the project
by involving 731 corporate customers”

Since June 2018, Solarplay has bravely decided to make its social responsibility a long-term commitment, involving 731 customers in the goal of lighting Senegalese rural areas and brightening the life of 2410 people. Thanks to the yearly based “Illuminate a smile” program, already on its second edition, the Lombard company allows its customers to be part of the project by allocating a percentage of each contract to Liter of Light which, in agreement with the local partner, transfers the funds to the Senegalese team which identifies the communities in need, provide materials from local suppliers and install them each month, village after village.

“Support to social business
for a long-term impact”

Thanks to the 5 young technicians trained within the first project in Mouille and to the support of our local partner for the coordination activities, in the subsequent monthly installations financed by Solarplay customers and stakeholders of the “Illuminate a smile” program, we were able to rely on the complete independence of the Senegalese micro-team in the construction and installation of the lamps. This, in addition to allowing continuous activity in the lighting of the Senegalese communities still off-grid, allows to avoid logistic costs due to the transfer of our technical team from Italy and, above all, to contribute to the monthly salary for the local technicians who, hopefully in the near future, will be able to develop their own independent micro-enterprise.

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